Di.Val Toscana srl

DI.V.A.L. TOSCANA is a cutting edge SME engaged in providing advanced biotech solutions for cancer Drug Discovery to academic and industrial research groups operating in the field of fundamental Life Sciences research, translational biomedical research and early stage pharmaceutical development.

The long term and well documented experience of the DI.V.A.L.’s team in ion-channels research and in oncological studies has led them to have a great expertise in analyzing pharmacological compounds, identifying drugsn by high-throughput screening, developing oncological models, and producing and manipulating antibodies for research purposes.
DI.V.A.L Toscana is fully equipped to perform pharmacodynamic, pharmacokinetic, biodistribution and toxicological analysis, also “hERG test”, in vitro and in vivo, with the possibility of accompanying pre-regulatory to regulatory studies according to the GLP. Using the “gold standard” (manual) and automated patch-clamp technique the team of DI.V.A.L is able to assess interactions between compounds and ion channels homologically or heterologically expressed in several type of cells.

Staff members

Massimo D’Amico

Co-supervisor of ESR 10

Manual patch clamp and high-throughput Electrophysiology.
More than 20 papers in international peer reviewed journals.
Co-supervisor of >20 undergraduate and master students.