The Beneficiaries

All consortium members share an extended network of research collaborations, which will be exploited to benefit the transfer of knowledge.

Each Beneficiary and Partner has specific expertise in one or more research areas, variously distributed within the consortium, so that high complementarity is achieved. Besides a wide range of scientific expertise and techniques that will be covered by the whole consortium, the participation of the non-academic sector will provide the necessary expertise on implementation translation of research results into an industrial environment and on management of science, improving ESRs employability.

All beneficiaries have agreed to take part in the project by (1) hosting, training and supervising ESRs, (2) using their facilities and collaborating to deliver the objectives, (3) hosting secondments, (4) being involved as members of the SB, (5) contributing to Network-wide training activities and (6) attending the annual meetings outlined in the programme.

Furthermore, partner organisations have committed their knowledge and skills to help shaping a comprehensive training programme.